About this Event

Join us for a walk-through of in-class and
hybrid learning presentations.

We will cover a breadth of topics from in-class Illustrations & demonstrations, to the best strategies for implementing a blended or flipped classroom. We will include how to best prepare faculty for a change in classroom approach. Our morning and luncheon keynote speakers will also share their perspectives on hybrid approaches, experiential learning, and the use of online approaches to complement in-class works!
This represents the inaugural conference of The Business Education Innovation Center at Providence College. The conference’s purpose is to showcase and curate best classroom practices, including hybrid, flipped, and experiential approaches. The conference presentations are solicited from AICURI, AICUMA, and CCIC colleges & universities with presenters provided $300 honorariums for their 20-minute presentations and offered the opportunity to take the presentation through the paper, or article, stage for publication in The Business Education Innovation Journal.