Why You Should Attend

Learn Key Tools

Hybrid & blended education is here to stay. Get a foundation in these skills. Stay ahead of the curve & avoid getting left behind.

Foster Student Relationships

Facilitate your students’ relationships offline, and grow their knowledge online.

Get Connected

Get connected into a network of like-minded, motivated educators.

Speakers 2015

Peter Billington
Peter Billington Ph.D., MarTec Professor of Operations Management at Colorado State University and Editor, Business Education Innovation Journal
Joseph Weissgold
Joseph Weissgold Joseph Weissgold is an interdisciplinary designer with a focus on middle- and high-school education. In particular, he works with students and teachers to develop new ways to learn using creative tools.
Andy Cutler
Andy Cutler Founder, Smaller Cities Unite! Writer. Speaker. Passionate about citizen diplomacy, communications, design, inquiry & mentorship. @OurPVD